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1000% ROAS Guaranteed

Free forever pricing. Only pay for what value we provide you. Up to 50,000 subscribers on Free $0 Plan.

Free Forever Plan

Up to 50k Subs | 1000% ROAS
Unlimited Text Messages
Unlimited Campaigns
Unlimited Automations
Omnichannel Conversations
Popups & Full Feature Suite


Above 50,000 Subs | Schedule Consultation
Increase Revenue 50-200%
Everything Unlimited
Early Access Features
VIP Consultation
Custom Popups, Automations, Insights
Schedule Consultation Demo
No Credit Card Necessary

Full Suite of Features
Every Included in Free Plan

Experience everything BlueReceipt has to offer. Start sending texts. Book a consultation call if your store does over $100,000 monthly. Onboarding takes 3 mintues. Get started!

Revolutionary Dashboard
Best in class analytics designed to provide all the necessary insights for success!
Unlimited Text Campaigns
Broadcast as many campaigns as you would like! Just be careful for unsubcribes
Unlimited Automations
Use our default Automations + create your own custom ones. Abandoned Cart, Upsell...
Popups + Themes
Use our Copyrighted Popup themes and our patent pending layout design!
Connect all of your brand assets in one place. Talk through text, email, instagram..
Integrate through Shopify, mailchimp, klayvio, instagram, facebook and more!

Frequently Asked

What is the Free Forever Plan

The free plan goes up to 50,000 active subscribers.
This means that you pay a guaranteed rate of 1000% ROAS (or 10% of sales) for using all of BlueReceipt’s features. This means unlimited texts, conversations, campaigns, automations

How is the Enterprise Plan different?

The enterprise is for those who do over $100,000 a month in revenue/50,000 subscribers. You will receive VIP access to new features and have 1-1 guidance to transform everything about your business. In 1 consultation with George you will likely receive $20,000+ worth of value. Schedule a free consultation if you fit the criteria.

How can I achieve 15-25% increase in revenue?

After onboarding you should be able to convert 15-20% of your abandoned cart subscribers. With our patent pending popup you should be able to subscribe 30-40% of visitors allowing you to increase CR, LTV and NPS as you grow your business. These simple things will transform your business

Our in-house agency fills all of your needs better than anyone else or your money back. We have experts in every field dedicated towards automating nearly your whole business.
Book Free Consultation  |

Total Business Solution

Consultation, Landing Pages, Social Media, Logo, Branding, Popups, Ads, Videos

Facebook Advertisement

We will develop and advertise to achieve 3+ ROAS guaranteed

Landing Pages

From our expertise we can create a complete solution in days that will blow your mind

Social Media Content

From our expertise we can create a complete solution in days that will blow your mind

Custom Created Popups

We will create popups dedicated to your brand and increase CR %


We will create the absolute best marketing or brand videos


We will develop and advertise to achieve 3+ ROAS guaranteed

George Consultation

In 30 Minutes I will give you strategy to double your business or your money back.

Snapchat, Pinterest, Other

We will create a full advertisement strategy for lesser utilized ways of marketing!