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As a startup BlueReceipt prides itself on increasing the rate of innovation. We value proper documentation, asynchronous communication and testing in production.


Building genuine connections by enabling personalized conversational commerce. Curating powerful UX/UI human interface digital software for a 2020 Modern World. Developing software that augments and empowers B2C communication.


Team First Company
Our #1 priority in BlueReceipt is to take care of our team first. That means we aim to optimize for happy, healthy, empowered, productive players.
World Changing Problems
BlueReceipt is dedicated towards solving complex problems in simple innovative ways. We want to create a future we are proud to live in.
Systems Oriented
We focus on the team, systems and philosophies to correctly guide our daily actions. We believe that the whole team must act as one to achieve true power.
A+ Teammates Only
BlueReceipt focuses on quality > quantity. We believe all problems can be solved in automated innovative ways by designers and engineers. At the core everything is either a number or a drawing.
Your Salary On Your Time
We aim to understand your specific and personal needs in order to structure a system that puts YOU first. We believe that health and a workspace are vital towards enabling you to be your best self.
Developing Idealized Self
You are put on this earth to Play!
 You are not put on this earth to “work and toil.” We help flourish your skills, health and happiness.

Static websites, chatbots and social media are damaging the connection we have with our fellow man. The future is found in genuine, authentic B2C personalized conversational commerce. 

Ecommerce websites today only convert at 1-2%.
This 98% inefficiency function has the potential to be radically distrupted. We are poised to change the way businesses interact with their customers.

The future is the one we create. Join us as we play this game.

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