Back-End Questions

• List some common ways to reduce the load time of a web application?

• Discuss an experience when you found your colleagues code to be inefficient?
 How did you deal with the situation?

• Do you have experience with object oriented and functional programming in Javascript?

• Are you aware of design patterns?

• Which technologies and languages would you need to develop a project from scratch?

• What is Pair-Programming? Have you ever done it?

• How often do you refactor code?

• How do you scale a robust system?

• Do you like macosx? If yes, why?

• What do you do before you write the first line of code?

• How do you involve other developers in your decisions?

• How do you involve other developers in your decisions?

• How many years of experience do you have with typescript?

• How much experience do you have with databases and which ones?

• How confident are you with deploying and scaling applications using AWS?

Want to Buildthe Future of E-Commerce?
Personalize Conversational Commerce & Enable Frictionless Payments

Ecommerce websites function as static digital brochures with conversation rates hovering 1-2%. Developing personal connections with customers and increasing LTV with repeat purchases is essential. The problem lies in the ability of the Ecommerce brand to proactively build connections on all channels (Text, Instagram, Facebook, live chat, Whatsapp, email,) with insights and automation.

BlueReceipt is an engineering and product-focused tech company. We focus our attention on producing simple elegant solutions to enable brands to subscribe, connect, convert, and retain their audience. We believe that technology and the foundation of the product is all-important.

Master Plan

To develop powerful automated personalized conversational commerce relationships for eCommerce brands.
We want to change the world by innovating on top of the website and allowing the website to merely serve as the digital brochure for the next generation salesman. We believe all energy transfer (money, relationships, and information) will happen at a personal level at scale. We want to lead the way online eCommerce happens at scale.

Imagine a world where an online business can talk to 100,000 concurrent visitors in a personalized omnichannel manner with only a handful of customer service representatives. This is the future we are building. A future where real-time conversations happen, where frictionless payments are ubiquitous and VIP relationships are standard.

The current moment has been created by people no smarter than you. Let's change to the world and help accelerate the abilities to connect to our fellow humans in a more efficient and "human" manner. Tools for Personalized conversational commerce at true scale.

Small Company
Big Vision

We have focused on developing an amazing foundation from the start. We have our own fully implemented design system and foundational attributes that primes us for our big aspirations. You cannot build a skyscraper without first detailing the blueprint, laying the foundation and assembling the tools and building blocks to develop your vision. We utilize precise tools for specific problems and heavily focus on the systems in which policy and technical decisions are made against. Here are some screenshots to show you the organization of our Figma file to get you excited about what lies underneath.


We value continuous iteration, radical transparency, and egoless assessment to achieve true innovation. These concepts combined with proper systems, objective internal data tools, and fun productive energy allows for a winning team to flourish. A perfect team player, in our assessment,  is a player that can outmatch "hard work" and "time" with innovation and mindset. We are aiming to advance personalized conversational commerce relationships with frictionless payments.

Continuous Iteration:

Our philosophy is that through continuous iteration perfection gets ever closer. This idea is akin to a sculptor getting ever closer to capturing the intense details through forming marble. Every element has an opportunity for improvement. Each improvement has to be unanimously better than the previous version to become the new standard. V1, V2, V3...

Radical Transparency:

We value radical communication on all things important, especially proactive and leading problems. This idea is closely tied to personal responsibility, in which each individual in the system has to take on full authority of their tasks/assignments while understanding the whole. This is important because without understanding the whole you can never innovate properly.

Egoless Assessment:

You will be wrong. In fact, you cannot be 100% right, and that is the basis of egoless assessment. The idea that even the absolute "best" is still not 100% right, as nothing is fully complete.

"Thinking" correctly is highly valued here. Thinking correctly and writing showcases clarity and helps demonstrate and teach our team how to improve. If it is only in your head it's not as powerful.

You can be 100% wrong, it does not work the other way around. You can be wrong according to the optimization rules we set. If you are optimizing with clear guidelines you then have a basis for assessing right and wrong. There is nothing "subjective" and merely opinion here. If you say "this is just my opinion" you need to clarify your objective optimization first.

You cannot say "this is just my opinion" without defined end optimization and defined axioms that you built your analysis on. Every end optimization has the ability to be overtaken. It is a never ending game as real life has greater levels of infinity in which you can solve X problem.

The Product &
Design System

The best way to describe BlueReceipt is a combination of tools you already have experience with.

Mailchimp, Zendesk, and Intercom combined into one; exclusively created for Shopify and focused on text messaging subscription and campaigns.

We take huge pride in our UX/UI and meticulously iterate 10-20x on each component to produce world-class software design that is beautiful through its function. Simple yet complex. Form follows function.

Our philosophy of iterating 10x on each part of the product and internal systems is key.

Standards are very high here and we prioritize a smaller robust team instead of quantity.

Application Process

Full Time long term position

1 - Take on the coding challenge. The challenge is to identify the faults in the codebase, documentation, test quality, and structural format. DO NOT follow the instructions given. Your challenge is to find the weaknesses in it. This is 10x more important than simply doing it. Use Notion/RoamResearch/Google docs to write your analysis and share via email.

2 -
Complete a quick 20 minute foundational Javascript test.

3 -
15 Minute Zoom call with Katlyn to discuss your background and potential role.

4 -
A 30-45 minute Zoom call with George and our lead engineer. We will get to know each other, walkthrough the platform, and see if this would be a great fit!

Coding Challenge

(Read exactly how to complete it. You are NOT following instructio ns.)

You are finding the weaknesses in the "challenge" and what is needed towards making it 5/5

Like a professor looking over and finding every detail wrong that would make it perfect.

If you are strictly backend, please answer the following questions and email them to
Onboarding is well defined and the systems we created allow you to jump in and make a difference to the team right away! We are meticulous in our documentation, standards, toolkit in order to provide an amazing engineering experience. We utilize Clubhouse and define stories fully before taking them on. Coding reviews happen on a continuous basis with in-the-editor tools as well as waydevs and other custom solutions for enhancing workflow as a team.

OG Blue

OG Blue Design System is always evolving. 1% is always important to us.

Sample of  Tech Stack &

Clubhouse, Notion, RoamResearch, Figma, Waydev, GitHub, Slack
React.js, Native, Typescript, GraphQL, CDK, Docker, Lerna, Node.js, Typegraph, Knex

We hire those who see the future we are building and are passionate about the mission, tech stack, teammates and opportunities it presents.

If you want to see what’s inside
Join Us!

We are perfectionists and believe that 1% iteration on a daily basis produces immense results. We push the envelope and are each world class at our specific domains. We accept nothing less.

Benefits and Rationale for
Choosing to Play this Game

 Our #1 priority in BlueReceipt is to take care of our team first. That means we aim to optimize for happy, healthy, empowered, productive players who are excited to build a future vision. Everyone here is someone you deeply respect, admire, and are proud to play with.

  If we solve the first priority then we are empowered to service our clients/businesses.

  If we solve our client's problems they will, in turn, solve the problems for their customers. This is the correct process to think about things. The team is first. This is the most important rule.

  You will engineer elegant and efficient designs and architecture that will serve millions of customers through the business clients we help. You will develop solutions for scaling to millions of concurrent messages, interactions, and predictive insights.

  We will transition the world from the current 1-2% conversion rates of eCommerce websites and transform them into automated personal conversational commerce at scale. The defined optimization question we are solving is "How can a customer service team of 10 serve 100k concurrent visitors with an automated personalized approach."

  We are fully remote, systems, and principles oriented, and we only play with wholesome top talent. The foundation and blueprint are critical for achieving long term success. We achieve this with proper thought processes, automation, and finding the innovative loopholes for shortening the distance between 2 points.

Waiting for you!
Grow Your
Shopify Revenue!
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