Guide: How to add BlueReceipt Navigation to Your App

BlueReceipt Navigation allows you to add navigation to your app's buttons (and other touchables) with just a few clicks. In this guide you'll learn how to create your own navigation.

Oguz Yagiz Kara
Lead Designer
20 JUN 2020 • 6 MIN READ
The only thing you have to fear is fear itself

In one sense, learning in the digital age is very easy: You have access to almost limitless resources, mostly free or very affordable. On the other hand, for someone at the start of their learning journey, a world where other people’s amazing accomplishments are everywhere can do less to motivate and inspire and more to intimidate and scare.

But here’s the truth: You aren’t seeing the full story of all these people’s amazing accomplishments. You aren’t seeing all the times they failed, when they were just learning the initial skills, or when they weren’t at their best. You don’t see the hours on the weekends or late at night that they spent struggling with a problem that probably seems minor in what they can accomplish now.

The only thing you have to fear is fear itself

This is an obvious one. The most valuable skills take time to develop, and require a serious and sustained effort. Putting in the hours to explore and refine is key. But the toughest part is probably the motivation. Working through a concept or problem time after time is hard so keeping positive is vital.

There are numerous ways to keep the effort strong and sustained when adversity seems all too common. One way I motivate myself is to reflect upon the journey I have already taken.
If I have spent two weeks on a new skill and I am hitting a wall, I look back and take stock of what I have learned in those two weeks. I might even try and repeat some lessons to jumpstart my brain back into “thinking” mode. Few things raise spirits like reinforcing how good you are at something.
Whatever you do and whatever challenges you encounter, do not quit.

Taking a break is a quick way to lose all of the momentum you have gained. It’s very common to spend a few lessons at a slower pace. Learning is not linear and you will have good and bad moments. Roll with them, it’s the long term outcome you care about.

•   •   •

This is part of the process, and unavoidable. Ask anyone who has learned something new, there were always moments of doubt and periods of struggle. In these dark times, you need to remember why you are going on this journey and let it motivate you again.

I learn through failure, and the way to fail better is to jump in head first and try.
Embrace ignorance

Start by embracing how little you know about the thing you’re about learn.

It took me years to understand how rare new opportunities to learn truly are, and that I had been avoiding them because of some imaginary ideas around how smart I thought I was, or what others might think about me.

Starting at ground zero leaves the direction of knowledge pointed firmly upward. Throw out all of your preconceived ideas on what you are learning, discount any embarrassment you might have about not knowing a skill, and enjoy the start of a new adventure.

The absolute beginning of the journey is where your brain is primed to take in the greatest amount of new information. It is also the part where you see the most results, and fast.

Are you excited
for BlueReceipt?

As I mentioned at the beginning, this cycle of growth is inevitable.

There will always be a new skill, a new design tool, a new coding language, etc. Life is short and how you spend the valuable hours you have in this world matters.

So when this next opportunity shows up, try something new, scare yourself a little and you might even find how impressive you really are.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Oguz Yagiz Kara
Lead Designer
20 JUN 2020 • 6 MIN READ
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